Koh Samet

Everything you Need to Know about Koh Samet

Named after the ‘Samet’ trees (Thai for cajeput trees), which grow on the island in abundance, Koh Samet offers all the essential elements that make up a fun-filled holiday escape – an endless expanse of turquoise blue sea, crescent bays with fine white sand, lots of water sports and a throbbing nightlife. Koh Samet has significantly less rainfall than other Thai destinations but visitors get soaked anyway – in the sea.

Only a three-hour drive from Bangkok and about 45 minutes by ferry from Ban Phe Pier on the mainland, the island is usually packed with visitors on weekends and long holidays. A whole range of accommodations, from beachfront bungalows to cliff-top luxury resorts cater to equally diverse groups of tourists. Walk-ins are not advised on weekends, as the entire island’s accommodation is usually fully booked.

Koh Samet Hotels Koh Samet Hotels

The northern beaches – Sai Kaew, Ao Phai, Ao Hin Khok and Ao Vong Duen – are the busiest and most visited, thus offering a wide range of budget and mid-range accommodation. Read More...

Where to Stay in Rayong Where to Stay in Rayong

An ocean view is almost a given at any Rayong hotel. Ban Pae is the most convenient location for those continuing on to Koh Samet. Read More...

Koh Samet Attractions Koh Samet Attractions

Beaches, beaches and more beaches; that’s what Samet is famous for. One tip, though, is that the further south you go, the less developed and less crowded it gets. Read More...

Koh Samui Koh Samet Restaurants

Most resorts on Koh Samet operate their own beachside restaurants. If you prefer simpler local food, then head over to Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Phai, or Ao Hin Khok. Read More...

Koh Samet Nightlife Koh Samet Nightlife

Koh Samet has a lively nightlife scene along a stretch of Sai Kaew and Ao Phai. Catering for backpackers and budget tourists, these bars are clones of each other in terms of general ambience. Read More...

Koh Samui Koh Samet Shopping

Shopping is more of an afterthought than a highlight of a Koh Samet trip. Goods must be transported by boat from the mainland, so expect to pay a lot more than the normal price for every item. Read More...

Koh Samet Activities Koh Samet Activities

Koh Samet is the kind of place where you can live out a totally lazy day, doing very little besides lying about in the sand, or enjoying water sports. Best of all, no planning is required. Read More...

Getting around Koh Samet Getting around Koh Samet

Part of the Khao Laem Ya–Mu Koh Samet National Park, all visitors will be charged an entry fee once on the island. Ferries depart from Ban Phe Pier on an hourly basis. Read More...


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