Everything you Need to Know about Kanchanaburi

While it’s tempting to dramatise Kanchanaburi’s World War II history, there is in fact so much more to the city than the popular trios: Death Railway, Bridge over the River Kwae (Kwai) and the Allied War Cemetery. The city offers a range of delightful diversions, whether bamboo rafting journeys along the River Kwae, Khmer temple ruins tour, or a day out shopping at the gemstone village. The scenic riverside area sets the stage for a leisurely stroll but can also become loud at night due to music from karaoke bars and discos.

Although a year-round destination, the best time to visit Kanchanaburi is November to February, when temperatures are relatively cooler than the rest of the year. In the peak of summer (April), Kanchanaburi is one of the hottest places to be, so it’s best to avoid coming during that time.

Kanchanaburi Hotels

While the riverside is a favourite place in the city, Kanchanaburi offers a whole lot more. Sai Yok’s lush mountain landscapes are peppered with jungle-raft-style resorts and guesthouses. Read More...

Kanchanaburi Tours Kanchanaburi Tours

With at least seven national parks, and a history that moves Hollywood filmmakers, Kanchanaburi attracts visitors from across the globe every year. Explore its lush jungles on a bamboo raft... Read More...

Kanchanaburi Attractions

World War II memories have a prominent presence in the city area, with a number of museums and war memorials dedicated to the many lives lost during the Japanese occupation. Read More...

Kanchanaburi Restaurants

While most eateries seem to offer the same offerings, occasionally you come across a new crop of restaurants where creativity is definitely featured on the menu. Read More...

Kanchanaburi Nightlife Kanchanaburi Nightlife

Kanchanaburi has an extensive lineup of bars and pubs along its riverside stretch, from the Allied War Cemetery to slightly north of the bridge. Nightclubs are more expensive... Read More...

Kanchanaburi Shopping Kanchanaburi Shopping

While the offerings at most souvenir stalls and open-air markets do not often stray beyond typical tourist knick-knacks, Kanchanaburi can be an exciting place to shop for quality gemstones. Read More...

Kanchanaburi Activities Kanchanaburi Activities

Characterised by steep craggy mountains and a crisscrossing network of rivers, this verdant westernmost province retains a rugged wilderness feel. Read More...

Getting around Kanchanaburi Getting around Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is very easy to navigate around in. From the city centre, Highway 323 (Saeng Chuto Road) runs straight through the province to the westernmost border. Read More...


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