Sukhothai Hotels

Hotel Reservations for Sukhothai

Hotels in Sukhothai are generally found around the new city, about 12 kilometres away from the city’s main tourist attraction, the historical park, with only a few boutique hotels close to the ruins. Despite being slightly out of the way, getting to the historical park is quick and cheap, with shuttle taxis and buses running all day long. Many of the new hotels in Sukhothai new town also provide bicycle and scooter rental services, perfect for those who want to see this fascinating city at their own pace. 

Once the ancient capital of Thailand, Sukhothai is famous for its temple ruins which can be explored via foot, bicycle or even elephant. The city lies approximately 6 hours away from Bangkok and can be reached via taxi, bus, train or plane. This section contains all of our Sukhothai hotels, scroll down to see all of the latest rates on Asia Web Direct. 

Sukhothai Hotels

The Legendha Sukhothai  
Le Charme Sukhothai Resort  
Sukhothai Heritage Resort  
Sukhothai Treasure Resort & Spa  
Ananda Museum Gallery Hotel  
Rueanthai Hotel  
Pailyn Sukhothai Hotel  
Phuaroon Resort  
Chanalai Resort and Hotel  


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