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Koh Samed Hotels

Hotels on Koh Samet range from stunning five-star resorts, to wooden beach bungalows perfect for those on a tight budget. Koh Samet – sometimes spelled ‘Koh Samed’ – is one of the most popular islands near to the capital Bangkok, and a trip from the city overland and sea only takes around three and a half hours.

The first step to choosing an accommodation on Koh Samet is to single out the beach that sounds just right for you. Once you have that, the rest is easy. If you prefer to be at the centre of it all and don't mind a touristy atmosphere, then head for the northern beaches like Sai Kaew, Ao Phai and Ao Hin Khok. Ao Vong Duen, for water sports lovers, has a good range of budget to mid-scale hotels. If you are seeking both luxury and exclusivity, head straight to Ao Phrao and Ao Kiu Na Nok.

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Koh Samed

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Ao Cho Grand View Resort   Koh Samed 75.64 USD
  Ao Prao Resort   Koh Samed 194.37 USD
  Baan Ploy Sea   Koh Samed 126.08 USD
  Baan Supparod   Koh Samed 84.05 USD
  Bar and Bed   Koh Samed 77.22 USD
  Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa   Koh Samed 273.17 USD
  Paradee   Koh Samed 485.93 USD
  Sai Kaew Beach Resort   Koh Samed 170.73 USD
  Samed Club   Koh Samed 128.71 USD
  Samed Pavilion Resort   Koh Samed 91.93 USD
  Sunrise Villas Resort   Koh Samed 1189 THB
  Vongdeuan Resort   Koh Samed 2065 THB
  Nimmanoradee Boutique Resort   Koh Samed 2549 THB


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