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Everything you Need to Know about Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai City remains a sleepy provincial town with a pleasant atmosphere. Compared to its sister town Chiang Mai, it has a more relaxed and down-to-earth feel but is never short on historical and cultural attractions of its own. Founded in 1262 as the capital of the Mengrai Dynasty, after Chiang Saen, today the city retains a strong Lanna identity, mostly through its impressive collection of temples, art, language, cuisine and music. But unlike Chiang Mai, the city offers little diversity when it comes to nightlife, entertainment and shopping, and most of these are concentrated in the area around the Clock Tower.

The city is gradually developing its tourist sector, beginning with its own Night Bazaar, Saturday Walking Street and Jazz Festival. The riverside remains mostly undeveloped, albeit with a few luxury hotels along the waterfront. To fully appreciate the beauty of the Mae Kok, it is best to hire a long-tail boat and take in the scenery along the two riverbanks. At the end of the day, Chiang Rai City is all about chilling out and taking it in slowly, savouring each moment as it comes.

Chiang Rai Hotels

Chiang Rai offers a diverse array of escape experiences. In the city, most luxury hotels are riverside, with budget accommodations closer to the Clock Tower. Read More...

Chiang Rai Tours Chiang Rai Tours

Experience the best of Chiang Rai's nature, whether retracing the opium trail in the Golden Triangle, staying overnight with the ethic hill-tribes, or a waterfall trek. Read More...

Chiang Rai Attractions Chiang Rai Attractions

With a far-reaching history before its 34-year stretch as the second capital of the Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Rai is considered one of the oldest settlements in Thailand. Read More...

Chiang Rai Restaurants Chiang Rai Restaurants

Apart from typical street-side snacks, you will find an impressive range of European cuisine, from pizzas and fish & chips to hearty Dutch fare, and Mediterranean bites. Read More...

Chiang Rai Nightlife Chiang Rai Nightlife

Chiang Rai offers limited options when it comes to nightlife. Rather than flashy clubs and pubs, what you get is a place to really take it slow and enjoy a chill-out experience. Read More...

Chiang Rai Shopping Chiang Rai Shopping

Shopping in Chiang Rai itself feels more like an undercurrent than mainstream activity. The Night Bazaar and Saturday Walking Street are probably your best bet. Read More...

Chiang Rai Activities Chiang Rai Activities

Many travellers think of Chiang Rai as a peaceful province that has very little going on besides mountain trekking and hill-tribe visits. In fact, Chiang Rai offers much more. Read More...

Getting Around Chiang Rai Getting Around Chiang Rai

Downtown Chiang Rai is fairly small and easy to get around in. Unless you plan to visit the more remote areas, getting around on a bicycle, motorbike or on foot should suffice. Read More...


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